Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Brantley's swing passes

UF had a first football game as Will Muschamp being a head coach against FAU. We have seen a lot of differences from last year's team but I would like to talk about Brantley's new favorite pass - swing pass !! It seems that he threw the swing passes very often to Demps and Rainey which were very effective. In the internet message board, some people also talk about this. Here is my opinion on that.
I think the reason he threw a lot of swing passes was because he was good at it, in addition to its effectiveness against FAU defense. Swing pass seems Brantley's strength now along with short and diagonal pass. Weis probably identified his strength/weakness and tried to use his strength mostly. That might also be the reason we did not see many down field passing. Brantley rarely showed good distant passing ability before.

IMO, the biggest difference of QB play compared to last year is that this coaching staff know Brantley's strength and use it. Based on this observation, I think Brantley will continue to throw many swing passes and the kind of passes he showed in the FAU game. I do not expect to see many down field passing as it looks like it is his weakness and this staff would not venture to see if he can improve his weakness.

No matter how great coaches are, it is costly and very hard to fix weakness. Rather, it is smarter to use and develop a player's strength. This is similar to Tebow situation. Let Tebow be Tebow. Why not Brantley be Brantley?

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